Main Bathrooms

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If you are planning to have your bathroom renovated, you must bear in mind that your bathroom design must be safe, comfortable, and functional. Whether your reason for renovating is simply to boost its aesthetics or to accommodate the growing needs of your family, these elements must all be present.

Our main bathroom renovation covers:

  • Bathroom Design and Installation – Do you already have the bathroom design in mind? Do you need our help coming up with the design? Our professional team will help you bring all your ideas to life. We can start from scratch or we can help you make improvements on your existing design. Either way, our professional bathroom fitters are more than glad to help you achieve your goals.

We understand that the main bathroom gets all the traffic every day, especially in homes where family members have to get to school or work every day. With this, we make bathroom designs that can accommodate your family’s needs while ensuring safety, comfort, and functionality.

We can also design and install single bathrooms or multiple bathrooms. We will help you find the most cost-effective solutions that will cater to your unique needs and style.

  • Tiling and Electrical Work – These are the areas of the bathroom renovation that must be taken seriously. Both require careful planning and accurate execution not only for aesthetics but for safety of the occupants as well as the longevity of the installation.

Unless you have the skills, training, experience, and the right tools, industry experts recommend that you have the tiling jobs and electrical works done by the professionals. Our bathroom designers can help you pick the right tiles, and we will install them, too.

Moreover, we can work on the electrical layout, and our licensed electricians will make sure all connections and installations are working efficiently and safely. We also design and install energy-efficient bathroom electrical works and plumbing fixtures to help cut down on utility costs and help save the environment at the same time.

  • Plumbing Fixtures, Accessories, and Decors – Our team makes sure that every bathroom renovation project we handle goes smoothly from start to finish and that our clients need not worry about anything because we have got all their needs covered – from all the renovation essentials up to the finishing touches.

We help pick the right plumbing fixtures based on the bathroom design along with the accessories and decors that the space needs for an added boost. We install them properly based on the manufacturer’s specification and industry standards so that they stay in place and function efficiently for many years.

Gladstone Bathroom Renovators also handle renovation projects for all types of bathrooms:

  • Commercial bathrooms
  • Master bathrooms
  • Full bathrooms
  • En Suite bathrooms
  • Powder rooms
  • Designer bathrooms
  • Laundry bathrooms

At Gladstone Bathroom Renovators, we aim to become the number one destination for all your bathroom renovation needs. Our comprehensive range of services guarantees that you no longer have to worry about finding the right supplies, equipment, and professionals to work on the design and installations. Call us now!