En Suite

bathroom en suite

There are countless benefits of having your own bathroom in your own room. Imagine how convenient it is not having to rush out of your room to use the main bathroom. You can just easily get out of bed and head on straight to the bathroom in just a few steps whenever you need it.  This type of bathroom is called “en suite” or “in the room” bathroom.

At Gladstone Bathroom Renovators, we offer complete services for en suite bathroom renovations for our clients in Gladstone, Qld and the surrounding areas – from design or redesign to installation and much more. Whether you want to keep the existing design or completely change it or you just want some minor upgrades, our professional bathroom fitters can handle them all.

Turn your en suite bathroom into your personal oasis with these recommended upgrades from our experts:

  • Utilise and maximise space – no matter how big or small the available space is, we can always find means to make use of every corner to accommodate all necessary fixtures to make your en suite bathroom a lot more functional. We can install floating shelves and wall cabinets to free up some space and make way for more important bathroom elements.
  • Create an illusion of a bigger bathroom space – smaller bathroom spaces can look even bigger by using the right type of tiles. Our team recommends the use of light coloured tiles or the neutral ones such as cream, light grey, off white or white. Smaller spaces can be suffocating, but by simply using the right kind of tiles, we can make the bathroom look a lot bigger with a more relaxing ambiance.
  • Choose the right kind of lighting – we usually prioritise natural light by opting for bigger windows. We can add more windows, if necessary and if the space and the location of your en suite bathroom allows.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your en suite bathroom, change the entire space completely, or build a new one, call us up at Gladstone Bathroom Renovators. Request a free quote when you call.